1. A Professor who has retired from active service in the University may be considered for appointment as an Emeritus Professor of the University
  2. For a person to be considered for appointment as an Emeritus Professor such a person shall satisfy the following conditions :
    1. Shall have demonstrated academic excellence through scholarship, as evidenced by research and publications;
    2. Shall have taught with distinction at the university for at least ten years , five of which as a Professor;
    3. Shall have achieved an  international reputation as a scholar
  3. Nominations for designations as Emeritus Professor shall originate from Schools, Institutes, Departments and shall thereafter be forwarded to the Emeritus Professors Appointments Committee of Council
  4. The terms of appointment as an Emeritus Professor shall be as follows:
    1. An Emeritus Professor shall for all purposes be regarded as Professor of the University;
    2. The position of Emeritus Professor shall be personal;
    3. The Council, taking into account all relevant matters, shall make provision for compensation for services rendered and for housing, health care and any other matters for the benefit and welfare of the professor and family;
    4. An Emeritus Professor shall be provided with such facilities as may be required for the discharge of academic responsibilities; and
    5. An Emeritus Professor shall be a full member of the Senate.