1. For the purpose of conferring degrees and awarding Diplomas of the University, there shall be held from time to time a meeting of the University, which shall be called Convocation.  If the University Senate so decides, other academic distinctions may be conferred and Certificates awarded at a Convocation.
  2. The Convocation shall be constituted by members of the University as defined in Statute IV.
  3. The Convocation shall be presided over by the Chancellor. Provided that, in the absence of the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor or some other person nominated by the Chancellor shall preside over the Convocation.
  4. The procedure for summoning Convocation, for the presentation of graduands and all other such matters regarding the Convocation, shall be as determined by the University Senate and approved by the Council.
  5. The Vice-Chancellor shall declare a meeting convened for the purpose of conferring degrees and awarding diplomas at the Convocation of the University, and shall pronounce such Convocation dissolved at the end of the meeting.