School of Biological, Physical, Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences

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Welcome to the School of Biological, Physical, Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences.

The school was formed following the merger of the School of Biological and Physical Sciences, (SBPS) and the School of Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences, (SMAS) in July 2020 in response to restructuring in the University.

The School of Biological, Physical, Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences, SBPMAS is a unique school that is proficient in teaching, research and outreach. The school is comprised of four departments namely: Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Physical Sciences, Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics and Department of Applied Statistics, Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science. 

The graduates from this school have proven to be very competitive in the market and have so far received employment in lucrative work places. Examples such places include, Financial investments and allied companies, Risk management, Banks and Insurance industry, Financial and Regulatory Institutions, Environmental management and Conservation, Scientific research, Food industry, Biotechnology, Game reserves/conservancies and research institutes/stations among others. The skills acquired enable the graduates not just to be job seekers but to be self-employed and to be job creators as well.

The school offers undergraduate programs in various disciplines of Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Mathematics and Actuarial Science. As such we offer Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science and Bachelor of Sciences in Biological Sciences. Additionally, the school offers postgraduate programs including Master of Science and PhD in Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics and Pure Mathematics, and, various disciplines in Botany, Zoology, and Microbiology.

Currently, BSc Chemical Engineering, BSc Analytical Chemistry, BSc Industrial Chemistry, BSc Physics and Telecommunication, BSc Microbiology, BSc Conservation and Restoration, BSC Marine Sciences, Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics) with IT, Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Science), and BSc. Financial Mathematics in addition to Master of Science and  PhD in Actuarial Science are being developed to meet market demand and soon will reach CUE for accreditation once the processes are complete.

The school has highly qualified and dedicated members of staff who are committed to research, teaching and outreach. The School conducts short courses or trainings such as Statistical Data Analysis with R and SPSS and trainings on chemical security.

The students undertake Industrial Attachment/Teaching Practice once in their academic cycle for experiential learning. Field trips are also offered as well as field course as appropriate to enrich and complement theory and practice.

The school is actively taking part in the production of sanitizers for local use and for sale by the University under the royal brand name.

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