Directorate for Enterprise Services

Dr. Elijah Museve
Dr. Elijah MuseveActing Director
  1. Review the IGU policy of the University from time to time;
  2. Identify income generating opportunities and categorise these for ease of administration;
  3. Provide guidelines on the establishment of IGUs;
  4. Promote the marketing of the University’s IGUs;
  5. Communicate detailed schedules for the distribution of income by percentage amongst
    various stakeholders within the University;
  6. Recommend to Management Board, the distribution of income earned by each IGU in
    accordance with the schedules in (e);
  7. Coordinate and monitor all IGUs in the University;
  8. Commercialize research and development products;
  9. Recommend to Management Board, appropriate action on IGUs that do not conform to
    the IGU policy; and
  10. Deal with any other matters referred to it by the Management Board, the Vice-Chancellor,
    or any other University Committee.