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Welcome to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology

Messege from Vice Chancellor

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST) is a centre of excellence in training, research and community outreach services offering practical and market oriented courses.

The University is a premier institution of higher learning offering relevant and quality market driven academic programmes for steering Socio-economic development. The University is strategically located at the quiet serene beaches of Lake Victoria and focuses on the development of Kenya’s cultural heritage through the utilization of the vast natural resources for academic advancement and research purposes premised on improving the socio-economic status of communities.

Prof. Stephen G. Agong’, PHD, FAAS - Vice Chancellor


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Joint ACE I and ACE II meeting Press Release

Africa Centers of Excellence meet to discuss investment in skilling graduates, research andquality ofScience and Technology education in Africa

Accra, November 07, 2017 - A joint workshop for the Africa Centers of Excellence (ACE) from ACE I and ACE II is underway in Accra, Ghana, from 7-10th November, 2017. The 22 Centers of Excellence from West and Central Africa and 24 Centers from Eastern and Southern Africa are meeting for the first time to learn from peers, and share knowledge, experiences and success stories. It’s an opportunity for the 46 centers to review their progress, deliberate on the challenges and collectively come up with solutions. The workshop was officially opened by the Minister of Education, Republic of Ghana, Hon.Dr. Matthew OpokuPrempeh.

Hon. Opokusaid theCenters should be“models to drive changes that will entrench Higher Education Institutions as principal producers of knowledge that directly impact on socio-economic development,” he said.“This after all,” he added,“is what the mission of Higher Education institutions must be about.”

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Infrared Gas Analysis (IRGA) Training

School of Biological and Physical Sciences (SBPS) organized and conducted an Infrared Gas Analysis (IRGA) training course. The training was coordinated by Prof. Dennis O. Ochuodho and was conducted by Mr. Daniel Okach from the University of Bayreuth, Germany, who has a verse experience with the equipment. Infrared gas analysis is a modern technique for quantifying the concentrations of diatomic gases. These include carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O) and other gases, which absorb the infrared rays. This principle has been applied in the quantification of CO2 and H2O exchange in plants and natural ecosystems. Key greenhouse gases that contribute to the current global warming can now be effectively quantified in real time. A series of equipment have been developed based on this principle and the two leading companies in this regard are the LI-COR of USA with its LI-COR 7500 and the WALZ GmbH of Germany with its GFS 3000 series.

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INSEFOOD holds inception workshop

The University’s Africa Center of Excellence in sustainable use of insects as food and feeds held its inception workshopThe University’s Africa Center of Excellence in sustainable use of insects as food and feeds held its inception workshop from the 5th-6th October 2017.The inception workshop saw the University and its international partners converge to chart a way forward on areas of collaborations and partnerships.

The workshop which was opened by the University’s’ Chairman of Council, Dr. Walter Ongeti saw over 10 partners and potential partners who included the ACE11 colleagues, MoiUniversity, partners,icipe, KIRDI, MMUST, JKUAT, the National Museums of Kenya, Sanergy Limited, Makerere University, Copenhagen University, Bobo-Eco Farm Uganda, Elsevier, Mammah Uganda among others.

 ,“Spend much of your valuable time in writing fundable research papers and proposals rather than wasting your precious energy in part- time teaching across Universities.”This was the message to the University dons by Dr.Ongeti

Daily Nation Article: Bank funds research into edible insects

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Council lunch


“Preserve your energy and be able to achieve the mighty task ahead which is to realize the University Goal”, this was the Chairman of Council’s word during a luncheon organized by the University Council at the University’s Hospitality grounds.The University Council held an interactive session between University staff and Council over lunch to share and bond as a team. The event involved having lunch and getting to know each other where staff had the opportunity to meet the new council. This is the first ever meeting between JOOUST University Council and staff since the inception of the University.

The chairman of Council, Dr. Walter Ongeti, has challenged the over 500 staff members present at the luncheon to stop wasting their precious energy in little things that would affect their ultimate performance in the most needed task of building the University to its greater heights.

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Plans underway for official launch of Africa Centre of Excellence in Sustainable use of Insects as Food and Feeds (INSEFOODS)

The Africa Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Use of Insects as Food and Feeds (INSEFOODS) of JaramogiOgingaOdinga University of Science and Technology is up and running even as plans are underway for the official launch of the Centre come early October 2017.

The planning committee for the launch met at theVittoriaSuittes Hotel in Kisumu to make the necessary arrangements that would ensure success in the long awaited launch.

JOOUST has earned its space in the world map as a University of Excellence that is committed to ensuring sustainable food security within the region and beyond. Through her committed researchers, the University has a niche in promoting use of Insects not only as human food but also as feeds for livestock. The University is one of the 3 ACE II projects in Kenya funded by the World Bank to run for 5 years.

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Staff trained on Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Patents

The Division of Research, Innovation and Outreach organized a one day seminar to sensitize staff on the processes and procedures for protection and maintenance of Intellectual Property Rights (Innovations, Patents and Commercialization research results).

Sixty senior members of the University were trained by resources persons from the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) who included Mr. SylvanceSange, Managing Director, KIPI as well asMr. Paul Chege who is an Intellectual Property Rights Officer.


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The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Agong’, has urged first years joining the University to face the future with the ultimate goal of maximizing unity in diversity for prosperity and peace in order to be accountable and responsible citizen in the country. The VC said that the University is a melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities that calls upon the student fraternity to be united at all times so that they can harness the synergies to be more innovative and accepting of one another.

He urged them to be good stewards of the University and be practical and realistic when dealing with issues that affect them. The freshmen were taken through a week- long orientation programme that involved familiarization with the various facilities and departments. The Vice-Chancellor urged the freshmen to forge strong ties with the community to enable them harmoniously relate with them.

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Over 40 Complaints Handling Officers (CHOs) of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology have been taken through one day training on Complaints Handling by the Commission of Administrative Justice, largely known as the Ombudsman. The training was conducted by Senior LegalOfficers,Fredrick Lilako and Amelia Otonofrom the Office of the Ombudsman, Kisumu.

While giving the Key note address during the official opening of the training at the University’s Kisumu Campus, the Vice chancellor Prof. Stephen Agong’, challenged the members to take up their roles seriously to ensure that customer complaints are not only managed but minimized almost to zero through all fairness and honesty in service delivery. Echoing the same statements, Prof. Washington Olima -the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Planning Administration and Finance (PAF), DVC-PAF, who was also in the meeting , encouraged the officers to accept complaints as a mirror that help reflect areas of improvement but should not take much time solving the same complaint over time.

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Kindly check your results from the University website Those with retakes should collect the RETAKE LETTERS from the Registrar, Academic Affairs on or before 28/09/2017.
Note that students with RETAKES shall not proceed to the next year of study.

  1. RETAKE – Kshs. 6,800/- per unit
  2. RESIT – Kshs. 300/- per unit

Students with RETAKES who proceed to the next year of study against this advice shall face serious disciplinary measures.

Dr. Walter Akuno

Latest Researches and Projects

S/N Project Title Principal Investigator Funding Organization
The Ground water 2013: Sustaining Groundwater safety in Peri-urban areas Dr. Lorna Grace Okotto Natural Environment Research Council; Economic & Social Research Council and DFID
2 Retention and Sustainability of Community Health Workers in Improving Community Case Management of Malaria Prof. Yaw Afrane World Health Organization
3 Enhancing Production, Value Addition and Marketing of Indigenous Vegetables (cowpea, spider plant, nightshades, amaranth, pumkin), French Beans and Mushrooms among Smallholders Farmers in Kenya. Dr. Darius AndikaOtiato KAPAP Competitive Grant System (KAPAP-CGS)
4 Improving Livelihoods among Small scale farmers in East Africa through improved Horticulture Production Dr. Darius AndikaOtiato German Government
5 Wealth creation and climate change mitigation through AIVS production in Western Kenya among small scale farmers Dr. Darius AndikaOtiato National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation
6 Early Warning Systems for Improved Human Health and Resilience to Climate-sensitive Vector-borne Diseases in Kenya Prof. Benson Estambale World Health Organization
7 Combating Poverty and Building Democracy through the Co-production of Participatory Waste Management Services. The Case of Kisumu, Kenya. Dr. Michael Oloko Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICDL)
8 Improvement and Conservation of Sunrise Springs water Quality and Quantity for Sustainable Domestic and Irrigated Soya Bean-based Cropping System in Western Kenya. Prof. George Ouma National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation
9 Characterization, Chemical and Microbial Analysis of SennaDidymobotyra in Kenya.  Prof. Beatrice Anyango National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation
10 Pamoja Project: Aid is working. Tell the World. Dr. Charles Oduke Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
11 Analysis of the Level of Chemical Contaminants in Portable Water Sources in Rarieda and Bondo Regions, Siaya County.  Mr. EnosWambu JOOUST
12 Unravelling the Anti malarial Agents from ErythrinaAbyssinicaLornchcarpusEriocalyxand AlysicarpusOvalifoliusa Dr. Regina Nyunja National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation
13  Establishment of Regional  Special Needs Assessment Laboratory at JOOUST Mr. Walter Akuno National Council for Persons with Disabilities
14  Equipping of Special Needs Laboratory  Mr. WanyeraSamwel National Council for Persons with Disabilities
15 Community-based Seed Multiplication and Dissemination of Sorghum Seed Systems Technology in the Lake Victoria Basin. Mr. Walter Akuno Kenya Agricultural Productivity and Agro-Business Project
16 Screening of Avocado Rootstocks for Tolerance to Salinity, Water Logging and Diseases for Food Security and Income Generation Prof. George Ouma National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation
17 Improving Production, Processing and Marketing of three Priority Indigenous Vegetables in Western Kenya Dr. Darius Andika Kenya Agricultural Productivity and Agro-Business Project (KAPAP)
18  Genetic Diversity, Chemical Composition and anti-microbial Properties of SENNA DIDYMOBOTYRA (FRESEN) H.S. IRWIN & BARNEBY) PascalineCheruto National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation
19 Addressing Drinking Water Quality Challenges in Developing Countries- Case Study of Lake Victoria Basin. Prof. S. Wandiga and Prof. Anthony Rodgrigues USAID
20 Mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS at the University Mr. Akuno Walter NACC
21 Kisumu Local Interaction Platform   Mistra Urban Futures; Sweden
22 Developing Capacity of Local Communities for Sustainable Commercial Aquaculture Lake and Seas Resources Co. and JOOUST  
23  Biodiversity Conservation and Poverty Alleviation through Sustainable use of Water Hyacinth in the Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya Prof. Anthony Rodrigues National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation
24 Anti malarial and Anti Microbial Activities of Lornchcarpus and Alsycarpus Dr. Regina Nyunja National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation

Research Partners

    1. National Council for Science and Technology (NCST)

    2. FAO - Hortivar

    3. University of Nairobi

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Insefoods in collaboration with world bank




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