Outreach and Extension Services

About the Centre


  1. Promote of the outreach and extension services;
  2. Constantly liaise with the academic units on matters relating to the outreach and extension services;
  3. Review and make recommendations on appropriate outreach and extension programmes and services;
  4. Develop a  technology transfer policy;
  5. Liaise with devolved County Governments on outreach  projects;and
  6. Perform any other functions and undertake any other business activities as may be assigned or delegated by the Management Board and Senate;


The Centre hosts the following Special Programmes inter alia:

  • Outreach and Transfer of Technology;
  • Community Service and Mentorship;
  • Social Corporate Responsibility;
  • Special Aquaculture Farming Program;
  • Poverty Alleviation Programmes;
  • Environmental Management & Climate change; and
  • Cultural Diversity.