1. Chairperson   -   to be nominated by Council;
  2. Five (5) CouncilMembers;
  3. Principal Secretary in the Ministry for the time being responsible for University Education;
  4. Principal Secretary in the Ministry for the time being responsible for Finance; and
  5. Vice-Chancellor   -     ex-officio   -    Secretary.

  1. The Council shall perform the following functions:
  2. subject to the provisions of the Act and after consultation with the Senate, make regulations;
  3. make and approve Statutes for gazettement in accordance with the Act and the Charter;
  4. determine the method of recruitment, appointment and promotion of all staff of the University;
  5. advise the Board of Trustees of the Universities Fund on the Maximum differentiated unit cost for the programmes offered;
  6. recommend for appointment, the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Principals through a competitive process;
  7. appoint and determine the terms and conditions of service for all staff of the University;
  8. confer after receiving a report from the Senate, the title of Emeritus Professor, Visiting Professors, Honorary Professor, Honorary Lecturer or Honorary Fellow;
  9. approve the budget;
  10. promote and make financial provisions and facilities for execution of the functions of the University;
  11. determine, after considering the recommendations of the Senate, all fees payable to the University;
  12. approve the investment of any money belonging to the University including any unutilized income, in such stocks, funds, fully paid shares or securities as Council may from time to time deem fit, in accordance with the general law for the investment of trust moneys or in the purchase of freehold or leasehold properties, including rents and subject to the Act with the powers of varying such investment from time to time by sale or re-investment or otherwise;
  13. subject to the laid down government procedures to approve sale, purchase, exchange, lease, or take on, lease movable and immovable property on behalf of the University;
  14. subject to the laid down government procedures, to approve the borrowing of money on behalf of the university; and for that purpose and subject to the Act, to mortgage or charge all or any part of the property unless the conditions of the property so held provide otherwise, and to give such other security whether upon movable and immovable property or otherwise as the Council may deem fit;
  15. on the recommendation of the Senate provide in accordance with the Statutes, for the creation of new divisions, faculties, schools, institutes, departments, centers or other bodies of learning, research and production in the University, whether formed by the sub-division of any one or more than one of any such new body or otherwise, and for the abolition from time to time of any such body, and to approve the establishment, abolition or subdivision of any such body however so described;
  16. institute on the recommendation of the Senate  fellowships, scholarships, studentships, exhibitions, bursaries, prizes and other aids to study and research;
  17. approve the terms and conditions upon which internal and external examiners shall be appointed by the Senate;
  18. empower committees to act jointly with any Committees appointed by the Senate, provided that the Council shall not delegate to the Chairman or to a Committee the powers to approve without further reference to the Council the annual estimates of expenditure;
  19. approve regulations governing the conduct and discipline of the students of the University;
  20. receive, on behalf of the University, donations, endowments, gifts, grants or other moneys and make legitimate disbursements wherefrom;
  21. approve the constitution of the Students Organization and so far as is reasonably practicable, to ensure that the Students’ Organization operates in a fair and democratic manner and is accountable for its finances;
  22. provide for the welfare of the staff and students of the University;
  23. approve regulations governing the recruitment, conduct and discipline of the staff of the University;
  24. approve strategies, policies, the management criteria and plans of the University as well as monitor and evaluate their implementation;
  25. constantly review the viability and financial sustainability of the University at least once every year;
  26. ensure that the University complies with all the relevant laws, regulations, governance practices, accounting and auditing standards; and perform such other duties as may be contained in the Statutes and may have such other powers as contained in the Act.

Amb.Stephen Arphaxard LoyatumAmb.Stephen Arphaxard Loyatum

Vice-Chancellor and Secretary

Vice ChancellorProf. Stephen G. Agong’

B.Sc., M.Sc. (UoN), Ph.D. (Giessen), FAAS

Alternative to PS, The National Treasury

Mr. Micah OrigaMr. Micah Origa

B.Com., MBA (Calicut University), CPA


Dr.Jonah Kangogo

Dr. Jonah Kangogo






Ms.Joyce N KaringeMs.Joyce N Karinge






Vice ChancellorDr. Anne Oburu






Vice ChancellorMr.Ibrahim Maina Mutembei


Screen Reader