1. Advancement of knowledge through teaching, scholarly research and scientific investigation;

  2. Promotion of learning in the student body and society generally;

  3. Promotion of cultural and social life of society;

  4. Support and contribution to the realization of national economic and social development;

  5. Transfer and commercialize technology from the University and other international institutions to the benefit of students, the University and the industry;

  6. Generate research and innovations outputs with impact on the national development goals;

  7. Promotion of the highest standards in, and quality of, teaching and research;

  8. Education, training and retraining higher level professional, technical and management personnel;

  9. Dissemination of the outcomes of the research conducted by the university to the general community;

  10. Facilitation of life-long learning through provision of adult and continuing education;

  11. Fostering of a capacity for independent critical thinking among its students;

  12. Promotion of gender balance and equality of opportunity among students and employees; and

  13. Promotion of equalization for persons with disabilities, minorities and other marginalized groups.


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Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST)

Bondo (Main) Campus
P.O. Box 210 - 40601 Bondo – Kenya.

Orange Fixed: 057 - 2058000
Orange Wireless: 057-2501804
Fax: 057 2523851



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