1. The members of the University are─
    1. the Chancellor;
    2. the Chairman of Council;
    3. the members of Council;
    4. the Vice-Chancellor;
    5. the Deputy Vice-Chancellors;
    6. the Principals of Constituent Colleges;
    7. the Principals of Colleges within the University;
    8. the Registrars;
    9. the University Librarian;
    10. the Finance Officer;
    11. the Chief Legal Officer;
    12. the members of Senate;
    13. the academic staff;
    14. non-teaching members of staff of the university;
    15. the students;
    16. the members of the Alumni Association; and
    17. such other persons declared members of the University by the University Council on the recommendation of Senate.
  2. The members of the University shall enjoy such rights and privileges as may be outlined in the Statutes.
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