Director Enterprise ServicesMr. Elijah Museve

B.Ed. (UoN), M.B.A (Egerton), CPA II

Acting Director - Directorate for Enterprises Services

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  1. Establish quality standards for management and activities for the University;
  2. Provide for objective performance contracting for staff and University Schools/Institutes;
  3. Provide for a follow up and monitoring mechanisms for the realisation of the performance contracts, including reasons for non-achievement; and
  4. Provide quality assurance and quality control of all academic programmes. 

  1. Deputy Vice –Chancellor (RIO)            -             Chairperson;
  2. Deputy Vice –Chancellor (AA);
  3. Deputy Vice –Chancellor (PAF);
  4. Director for Enterprise Services            -              Secretary;
  5. Finance Officer;
  6. Registrar (AA);
  7. Registrar (PA);
  8. Registrar (RIO);
  9. Six (6) Deans/Directors nominated by Senate;
  10. Legal Officer;
  11. University Librarian;
  12. Managers of IGUs; and
  13. Such other members as may be required from time to time.

Terms of Reference

  1. be answerable to the Vice-Chancellor;
  2. receive regular progress reports for consideration and approval; and
  3. monitor and evaluate the general performance of the Directorate.


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