1.1       JaramogiOgingaOdinga University of Science and Technology  invites talented students to submit sealedSRQfor the proposed Logo for African Centre of Excellence in Sustainable use of insects as food and feeds(INSEFOODS). More details of the services are provided inthe terms of reference herein. Interested eligible candidates may obtain further information and inspect SRQdocuments at The University Main Campus, Bondo, during normal working hours in Procurement office.
1.2       A complete set of SRQ documents may be obtained by interested candidates from the Procurement Office, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of One hundred (Kes 100.00) payable in cash to JaramogiOgingaOdinga University of Science and Technology cash office or deposited in the JOOUST Account No. 1113046066 Kenya Commercial Bank – Bondo Branch            or downloaded for free from the university website www.jooust.ac.ke.

1.3 The candidate is invited to submit a designed logo as required for the assignment stated.This should be submitted prepared in soft copy .png format at the INSEFOOD office on working days and within working hours or through the email address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1.4       The candidates must familiarize themselves with local conditions as regards the assignment and take them into account in preparing their logo. To obtain adequate information on the assignment and on the local conditions, candidates are encouraged to liase with the procuring entity regarding any information that they may require before submitting a quotation.

2.1       Clarification and amendment to the RFP documents

2.1.1    Candidates may request clarification of any of the RFQ (C & D) documents not later than Seven (7) days before the deadline for the submission of the proposals. Any request for clarification must be sent in writing by post, fax or email to the procuring entity’s address indicated in the special conditions of contract. The procuring entity will respond by post, fax or email to such requests and will send written copies of the response (including an explanation of the query but without identifying the source of inquiry) to all candidates invited to submit proposals.

2.1.2    At any time before the deadline for submission of the proposals, the procuring entity may for any reason; either at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by any candidate amend the SRQ (C&D). Any amendment shall be issued in writing, fax or email to all invited candidates and will be binding on them. The procuring entity may at its discretion extend the deadline for the submission of the quotations.

2.1.3   The Complete SRQ document are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes marked with                                     Tender name and reference number should be addressed and posted to:

Vice Chancellor,
JaramogiOgingaOdinga University of Science and Technology,
P.o Box 210-40601,

or deposited in the quotation box provided at the University Administration Block so as to be received on or before Friday, 17thNovember  2017 at 10.00 am.

2.2       Preparation of the logo

2.2.1    The individual consultant’s proposal shall be written in English language and should be

  1. Simple: Easily recognized and memorable
  2. Scalable: One that can be scaled up or down without much loss of detail.
  3. Impactful: One that easily captures the viewers’ attention
  4. Versatile: Look equally good on any print material or web device
  5. Relevant: Captures an aspect of JOOUST colours on the logo
  6. Relevant: To the mission/overall objective of the center.

2.2.4 A logo that captures the following shall have an added advantage;

  1. An aspect of an insect currently being reared at JOOUST insefoods center (crickets or black soldier fly, or a combination of insects).
  2. Environmental conservation: via reduction of pollution effect and conservation of biodiversity.
  3. Bioremediation: emphasizes on recycling and reuse of nutrients rather than consumption of new resources.
  4. Capture an aspect of JOOUST colour(s) on the logo.

2.4       Submission, Receipt and opening of quotations

2.4.1    The technical drawings shall be prepared in soft copy .png format. In a CD attached with the Bid document

2.4.2    The completed Technical drawings must be delivered at the submission address on or before the time and date of the submission of the quotations indicated in the appendix to the instructions to candidates. Any quotations received later than the closing date for submission of quotations shall be rejected and returned to the candidate unopened.

2.4.5 After the deadline for submission of quotations shall be opened immediately by the opening committee.

2.4.6 Each student is allowed to submit a maximum of 2 logos.


2.5       Evaluation of Technical Proposals
2.5.1    The evaluation committee appointed by the procuring entity to evaluate the quotations shall carry out the evaluation of technical drawings following the criteria set out in the terms of reference.

2.5.2    Any quotation which will be examined and found not to comply with all the requirements for submission of the quotations will be declared non responsive. All the quotations found to have complied with all
the requirements for submission of quotation shall be declared  responsive by the evaluation committee

2.6       Confidentiality

2.6.1    Information relating to evaluation of quotations and recommendations of contract award shall not be disclosed to the candidates who submitted the quotation or to other persons not officially concerned with the process, until the winning candidate has been notified that he/she has been awarded the contract.

2.6.2    Pursuant to section 101 (6) of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal  Act 2015 the Candidates participating in design competitions, shall undertake to transfer all copyrights, intellectual property rights and patents relating to their designs to the procuring entity.

2.6.3    Pursuant to section 101 (7) of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015 upon completion of the design competition, all the submitted design schemes shall become property of the procuring entity.


JaramogiOgingaOdinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST) has established the Africa Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Use of Insects as food and Feeds (INSEFOODS).The overall objective of INSEFOODS is to achieve long term food and nutritional security by using insects as a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable source of protein and other nutrients by using insects as a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable source of protein and other nutrients for food and feeds. To achieve its mandate, the center will carry out research on the use of insects for food and feeds as the entry point. The insects currently reared on campus at the centre farm include crickets for food and black soldier fry (for feed)

The objective of the assignment is to design a logo for the INSEFOOD Centre

The scope
The Logo should be designed taking into account of the following:

1. Balance:

There should be a balance in the logo design. The “weight” color, the size, graphics.

2. Simplicity

The design should be simple, not too complicated.
The use of the design effects should be balanced such that the design still remains simple. Should not appear too crowded
Should be appealing and easy to connect with.

3. Use of color:

The logo must look good both in black and white, greyscale.
They should not be too bright.
They should have the brand colors of the university.

4. Typography:

Use one font through the entire design.
Should not be so common, but should be legible.
Should not be too wordy, as it will crowd the design (for no apparent reason)

5. Recognition:

The main goal is to create a brand using this logo. Should be easy to recognize and should relevantly represent the institution.



  1. Mandatory requirement
  2. The person participating should be a student.(attach copy of student ID, if not available attach copy of admission letter)
  3. Must submit a complete set of this SRQ document enclosed in plain sealed envelopes with Tender name and reference number
  4. A copy of the CD with the Logo image


  1. Technical requirement





. Simplicity:

- Is the design easily recognizable?

Total score: 5



- The design should be instantly show and represent the institution and the goals it stands for.



-  Less noise(should not be too crowded, wordy, squeezed)



. Scalability:

Total score: 5


- Does the design distort, when stretched?

- Clarity of features in a different  aspect ratios




. Impactful:

Total score: 5


- Can the intended consumers relate and connect with the logo



- Does it convey the message of the institution; the vision and objective of the institutio



. Memorable:

Total score: 3



- Does it capture the eye? Will it linger in the mind of people? Can they always see you when they see the logo?





. Professionalism:

Total score: 3


- Does it look corporate. The design should have a touch of elegance, but not lose its simplicity and tone.



. Versatility:

Total score: 3


The design should be flexible for use on any material or platform e.g.: Microsoft word, excel.

Also, on print, in different material e.g. canvas, it should still be legible and clear, crisp.



. Freshness:

Total score: 3


- Should coincide with current design techniques.

- Should appear modern and appealing




. Uniqueness:

Total score: 3


-Creativity is key. It must stand out.

-Should include a blend of the organization symbol and message, creatively.





The submitted logos will be subjected to strict selection criteria and The best three assessed design Logos shall receive as a prize an honorarium as provided for in the internal policies of JaramogiOgingaOdinga University Of Science And Technology.




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