Postgraduate Studies

Director of Board of Postgraduate StudiesProf.Julius Manyala

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Fisheries Management, University of Eldoret, Kenya. Master of Science (M.Sc) in Hydrobiology, University of Nairobi, Kenya. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Botany/Zoology, University of Pune, India.

Office of Board of Postgraduate Studies

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Prof.Julius Manyala is the director, Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPS) since February 2023. He is an associate professor of School of Spatial Planning and Natural Resource Management.

The Board of Postgraduate Studies comprises the active Board staff members (6 in number) and Board members seconded from respective Schools of the University. Currently, there are six board members namely: Prof. Rodriguez, Prof. Okwara, Prof. Nyadawa, Prof. Neda, Prof. Mukhebi and Dr. Akuno. Dr. Akuno, the Registrar (AA) acts as the secretary to the Board, according to the University Statutes.


  1. Director Postgraduate studies  -  Chairperson;
  2. Six (6) Representatives nominated by Senate from amongst persons holding the rank of  at least Associate Professor;
  3.   The person, preferably a PhD holder, in charge of postgraduate studies in the relevant  School/Faculty/Institute under consideration; and
  4.  Registrar (AA) –  Secretary.

Terms of Reference

    1. There shall be a Board of Postgraduate Studies.
    2. The Director Postgraduate Studies shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor from amongst persons holding the rank of Associate Professor and above.
    3. The Director shall report to the DVC (AA).
    4. The Board of Postgraduate Studies shall perform the following functions:
      1. Co-ordinate postgraduate syllabi and regulations;
      2. Consider and recommend post graduate syllabi and programs to Senate;
      3. Admit  postgraduate students;
      4. Administer postgraduate scholarships;
      5. Administer postgraduate research grants;
      6. Administer and process  postgraduate theses, projects or research papers;
      7. Conduct and supervise postgraduate studies programmes;
      8. Verify final list of Postgraduate Degree awards;
      9. General welfare and discipline of postgraduate students; and
      10. Any other business as may be determined by the Senate from time to time.