Dr. Regina Nyunja

B.Ed. (Sci.) (KU), M. Sc. (UoN), Ph.D. (Maseno)



Lambwe valley research group: Ecosystems under pressure: Land use and climate change effects on Lambwe valley ecosystems.

Project Team: Prof. D.O. Otieno, Prof. JC. Onyango, Prof. B. Huwe, Prof. J. Tenhunen, Prof. G. Rambold, Dr. T. Kylattya, Dr. JM Nyongesa, Ms. I. Ojuok, Mrs L. Auma, Ms. M. Ouma, Mr. P. Akwe, Mr Daniel O. Okach, Mr. J.O. Ondier

Project Description: Ecosystems in Lambwe valley have declined in biomass and biodiversity during the last 30-50 years, because of climate change and human activities involving vegetation clearing and overgrazing. The project quantifies the loss in ecosystem quality and quantity that have occurred and examines restoration approaches.

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DeanDr. Regina  Nyunjaview profile
Administrative AssistantMr. Francis  Mutenyo view profile
Department of Biological Sciences
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Chairperson of DepartmentDr. Stephen A. Asitoview profile
ProfessorProf. Benson B. A. Estambaleview profile
Associate ProfessorProf. Dennis  Ochuodhoview profile
Senior LecturerDr. Stephen A. Asitoview profile
LecturerDr. Pamela  Kogogoview profile
LecturerDr. Geofrey  Maroaview profile
LecturerDr. John  Nyongesa view profile
Assistant LecturerMr. Alfred  Ochieng'view profile
Lab technologist IIIMr. William  Emitaroview profile
Lab technologist IIIMr. John  Oderoview profile
Department of Physical Sciences
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Chairperson of DepartmentDr. Silas   Langatview profile
Senior LecturerDr. Silas   Langatview profile
LecturerDr.  Maroa  Mahangaview profile
Assistant LecturerMr. Jack A. Ademview profile
Assistant LecturerMr. Angeline  Ochungview profile
Lab technologist IIIMr. Benard  Ogolaview profile
Lab technologist IIIMr. Michael  Oderoview profile
Lab technologist IIIMr. Omondi  Kogotoview profile
Lab technologist IIIMr. David  Okenoview profile


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